Christine May Riccio is a YouTuber most commonly known as PolandBananasBOOKS or PolandBananas20. Riccio is most famous for her "booktalks", in which she discusses the latest book she's read with her viewers.

She is also known for her comedy sketches and storytelling videos on her comedy channel

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Christine in 2015.



Christine May Riccio was born on August 4th 1990 in Livingston, New Jersey. She attended Boston University. She also studied a year abroad in London.


PolandBananas20 is Christine's comedy channel. It's the first channel she made on YouTube and it was created on May 24th 2006. She makes sketches, vlogs, dance videos, storytelling videos and much more on that channel.

Christine initially started booktalking on that channel, but since she did not want to annoy her fans who didn't like books, she eventually created her booktube channel.


PolandBananasBOOKS is Christine's booktube channel. It was created on June 5th 2010. This is where Christine now booktalks, has live book discussions every month with the booksplosion community, makes book sketches and just generally makes videos centered around books. It is her most popular channel.


PolandBananasXX is a channel where Christine makes lipsyncing videos every once in a while for fun. She lipsyncs to popular songs and dances whenever she feels like it. She sometimes does these videos with her friends. It was created on August 2nd 2011.


PolandBananasBORED is where Christine used to upload bloopers for her videos. It was created on December 6th 2010 and she hasn't uploaded a video there since 2012.


Christine has a younger brother, Paul and sister, Olivia.